How to avoid mistakes when hiring a wedding photo booth?

A photo booth is a fun addition to any wedding celebration. It provides great entertainment for your guests while capturing candid memories of your special day. As wedding photo booths are expensive, some couples make a mistake when booking one. Avoid these issues to ensure your rental goes smoothly:

Not booking early enough

It is common for people to wait too long to book their photo booth. The best vendors get booked out months in advance for peak wedding season. If you don’t reserve early, you won’t have much selection left. Aim to book your rental at least 6-12 months before your wedding date. Give yourself time to research different companies, read reviews, and compare options. Last-minute bookings often result in settling for a vendor with poor ratings or an unsuitable booth just to have one. Plan and give yourself plenty of leeway.

Not providing enough space

Make sure to give the photo booth company the exact dimensions of where you plan to set up the booth at your venue. Measure the allotted space ahead of time. Describe how the room is accessed and the doorways. If the booth arrives and doesn’t fit or can’t be easily moved into place, it throws off the entire timeline. It is important to provide accurate setup information to the rental company to ensure that the booth is the correct size.

Not ordering extras

Most snap booth¬†packages only include minimal prints and digital files. If you want guests to be able to take home quality photos, order extras. It includes additional prints, double prints, photo books, USB drives, and more. Large groups run out of photos quickly without extras. And you likely won’t receive many copies for yourself either. Plan and discuss extras.

Not having an attendant

Self-service booths require one of your wedding party members to supervise the rental at all times. It takes them away from celebrating with guests. Hiring an attendant allows the booth to run smoothly without bothering anyone. Guests are also helped, issues are fixed, supplies are changed as needed, and the operation runs smoothly by attendants. Don’t rely on a self-service booth to save money.

Not personalizing your booth

Most rental companies offer customization options at no extra charge. It includes picking a color scheme, adding your name/wedding date, and choosing props and backdrops. Take advantage of these options! Personalizing the booth makes it stand out and gives your pictures a unique feel. It requires minimal effort, but makes a huge difference outsourcing wedding image editing.

Not providing entertainment between events 

Avoid downtime at your booth by providing entertainment when it’s not in use. It includes playing music, running a slideshow of photos, having a camera to take silly selfies, or looping a video. Keeping guests entertained while waiting will make the line move faster. It also encourages more people to use the photo booth. Booking a rental photo booth for your wedding is meant to be fun and stress-free. If you want your experience to go smoothly, avoid these mistakes couples make. The right planning and preparation will make your photo booth a hit!